Get Involved 

Volunteer to help in the garden and make new friends! 

Over the last 7 years the all-volunteer crew at the Food for All Garden in Clinton has provided over 47,000 pounds of organic produce to Food Pantries along the Shoreline. As always, we need more volunteers to get the job done. It takes more than garden know-how to keep this project going, so we welcome volunteers of all interests and abilities, those new to gardening or new to volunteer activities. The growing season is now until the end of October.

Join us in the Garden on Wednesday

and Saturday mornings from 9 - 12. 




                          Help us weed, water, harvest, box, bundle, bag, label the vegetables for transport and   

                             distribution to the pantries we supply.

                                     Also - administrative help, fundraising and grant writing, public relations, mentoring,

                             bug/blight patrol, driving, small construction/maintenance/repair jobs.



                             Time, goods and services.  All donations are welcome and needed.